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May 2014 Archives

Some consumer debt relief firms mislead those with student loans

Student loan debt has continued to climb to record levels. While there are several programs offered by the government that can help lower student loan payments, many borrowers aren't even aware of them. Trying to get through the red tape isn't easy either.

Is your foreclosure causing your neighbors health concerns?

It's well known that stress causes health issues. High blood pressure is one most people think of when they consider health issues caused by stress. Foreclosure certainly can be something that causes stress for homeowners. However, did you know that a foreclosure could raise your neighbor's blood pressure?

Debt recovery is possible by paying down credit card debt

Today's consumers in Washington D.C. and around the country are more strapped for cash than ever before. In fact, according to nerdwallet.com, the average American household carries a total balance of $15,191 in credit card debt. Paying down that debt is difficult -- of that there is little doubt. However, with the following tips, you may be able to get those balances on your credit cards down and increase your credit score as well.

Should you refinance after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Can residents of Washington, D.C., refinance their home's mortgage while they are going through bankruptcy proceedings? Although Chapter 13 bankruptcy is unlikely to disqualify borrowers from being approved for an FHA mortgage, refinancing might not always be the right move. Financial experts say it is wise to first determine your reasons for seeking a loan modification. Although lower rates may provide you with lower monthly payments, this can also be achieved by extending the term of the loan.

New insurance plans could prevent medical bankruptcy

Nearly two in three bankruptcy filers in the nation do so because of runaway medical costs. Even in the era of health care reform, many Washington, D.C., residents are suffering financial difficulties because of their medical expenses. Shocking statistics show that by 2020, medical expenses are slated to grow about twice as quickly as inflation, opening the door for even more bankruptcy proceedings.

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