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Why Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings can help some debtors

For Washington, D.C., area residents who are in deep debt, even though they hold steady jobs and pay basic bills each month, the prospect of getting out of debt can seem daunting. Fortunately, the federal bankruptcy code offers these people a way out that does not involve liquidating their properties and assets.

DC debt settlement and consolidation requires caution

Many residents of Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas are aware that debt has become a national problem that affects millions of Americans. For many people, their problems began with unrestrained credit card use. For others, trouble began with unanticipated medical expenses, sudden unemployment, enormous student loans or sudden jumps in mortgage payments, caused by skyrocketing interest rates. Whatever the cause, for many DC residents, getting out of debt has come to seem nearly impossible.

Washington-area man pleads guilty to D.C. mortgage fraud

A 36-year-old Ashburn, Virginia, man recently pleaded guilty to fraud charges following a probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation into his real estate transactions throughout the metro Washington area. A U.S. district court judge accepted the plea and is scheduled to sentence the man on May 15. Because the crimes are federal, the man's sentence will fall under sentencing guidelines prescribed by Congress. He could go to prison for up to 5 years as well as pay heavy fines.

Although difficult, student debt can be erased through bankruptcy

Discharging student loan debts can be hard even for students who graduate and move into careers that pay decent salaries. For those who do not do so well after school, paying this debt can become something of a nightmare. It is not uncommon to hear of students throughout the country, including the Washington metro area, who owe tens of thousands of dollars after college. Just trying to pay this off can put a former student into further debt. So what legitimate debt recovery options are available? Is bankruptcy an option?

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