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June 2015 Archives

How can identity theft impact your life?

If someone takes your personal information, such as your name, address or Social Security number, and uses it for his or her own financial gain, this is known as identity theft. Identity theft is a serious problem affecting many residents of Washington, D.C., as well as across the country. What can happen if you are the victim of this insidious crime?

Exempt property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

If your financial troubles are causing you to consider filing for bankruptcy, you might be hearing some well-meaning – albeit misguided – advice from your friends and family. For example, they may tell you that you’ll lose everything in a Washington, D.C., bankruptcy. What will happen to your home, cars and personal belongings? The lawyers at the Ammerman & Goldberg "Bankruptcy" Law Office are prepared to help you hold onto as much of your assets as possible, no matter which type of bankruptcy you are going through.

Online payday lenders often take advantage of consumers

It will be an exercise in patience for Washington, D.C., residents to rebuild credit after filing for bankruptcy, but it is possible. Some people who are eager to move on with their lives may be tempted by the promises of easy money or a quick loan by those who prey on people recovering from bankruptcy. It is important to realize that these predatory lending practices, such as payday loans, are almost never a good idea for those who are going through debt recovery – or for anyone.

Numbers of zombie foreclosures dropping across the country

Since the housing market collapse, residents of Washington, D.C., may have noticed homes that were left sitting empty for months or years. The market has since recovered in many areas of the country, but many homes are still vacant. Most of these vacancies were the result of foreclosure processes that began when homeowners suffered from financial difficulties, such as job loss or insurmountable debt. When mortgage issues force a homeowner out, but the bank has not yet repossessed the home, this is known as a zombie foreclosure.

How do you rebuild your credit after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Everyone in Washington, D.C., knows that having a bankruptcy on their record can negatively impact their credit report for years, even if the bankruptcy was a Chapter 13. This might seem unfair to you, since under the terms of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you are repaying a portion or all of your debt over a period of several years. Despite this, many lenders might still see you as a risk, and it can be difficult to obtain credit once you’re ready to move on.

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