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December 2015 Archives

Former Washington Redskins running back discusses bankruptcy

Even people who once earned millions of dollars may find themselves seeking the debt relief protection of bankruptcy. In Washington, D.C., people from all walks of life may file bankruptcy, including options such as Chapter 7 and 13. While filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is usually thought of in business terms, one former National Football League player has started talking about how the process helped him.

Does bankruptcy in Washington D.C. help with a suspended license?

If you lost your driver’s license in Washington, D.C., because of a criminal activity such as a traffic violation, filing for bankruptcy will not have any effect on the suspension. However, if your license was taken away because you were unable to pay fees for a violation or the damages associated with an accident, you might find good recourse through filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

What to do when falling behind on mortgage in Washington, D.C.

The threat of losing a home can be terrifying, but there are options for people in Washington, D.C., who are falling behind on making mortgage payments. As the Department of Housing and Community Development points out, seeking counseling from an accredited provider can be key to preventing foreclosure. The DHCD reports that people are eligible for a free one-on-one session from professionals who can help.

Understanding bankruptcy and vehicle repossession

When you fall behind on your car payments, the lender may be entitled to repossess your vehicle. At the Ammerman & Goldberg “Bankruptcy” Law Office, we know how vital your vehicle can be, transporting you to work and other important commitments. Fortunately, you might have options to stop that repossession, including bankruptcy.

Report: You can get a mortgage despite student loan debt

Numerous people in Washington, D.C., and across the country are saddled with enormous student loan debt. In many cases, these expenses cannot be expunged through typical debt relief options. At the same time, student loan debt can be cumbersome for people who are trying to qualify for a mortgage loan. A recent report offers some advice for those looking to buy a home while carrying this type of debt.

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