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July 2017 Archives

What are lesser known consequences of foreclosures?

Washington D.C. residents like you face plenty of pressure to keep up with housing payments, lest you risk your home being foreclosed. Foreclosure can be catastrophic to your happiness, health and finances in many ways, though some may not be as well known as others.

What is an unsecured debt?

As someone living in Washington, D.C. and contemplating bankruptcy, you've likely heard these two terms before: secured debt and unsecured debt. But what exactly is unsecured debt? What does it mean for you if you have unsecured debt?

The door may not be closed on your foreclosure situation

If you live in the Washington DC metro area, you are likely no stranger to the economic challenges that have plagued this area, as well as surrounding regions, for more than a decade. In fact, there's probably not a major city (or rural area, for that matter) that remains untouched by the roller-coaster economy that some say is finally beginning to stabilize. Hopefully, things are looking up in your corner of the world, but if you're one of many still facing financial disaster, you are not alone.

Are these bankruptcy alternatives for you?

Washington, D.C. residents who are struggling beneath piles of debt may be looking into bankruptcy alternatives. While there isn't anything wrong with filing for bankruptcy if you need to, there may be other methods of finding your way out of personal debt that could work for your unique situation better than bankruptcy could.

Can filing for bankruptcy get you back your license?

Bankruptcy can be beneficial in numerous ways, from the obvious alleviation of financial debt and the stress that goes with it to much lesser-known benefits, and we at Ammerman & Goldberg Bankruptcy Law Office will shed light on both. For example, residents of Washington, D.C. who have had their license suspended may actually have a solution in filing for bankruptcy.

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