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Controlling your spending habits

Washington D.C. residents may have filed for bankruptcy due to falling into debt. While that's a good solution for a short-term debt problem, it's also imperative to set long-term habits so that debts don't start piling back up again after a person has been freed from them.

Time offers advice on how to control your spending, which can be one of the easiest ways to cut down on debts that are built up over time. They suggest being very careful with credit cards in particular, as it can be far too easy to swipe a card and forget how much money is actually being spent over the course of the month. Using apps that monitor every use of the card, or switching to cash more frequently, are both good options that can make a person more cognizant of how much they're spending.

Meanwhile, Every Dollar gives ways to avoid temptation to buy superfluously, which can be a big money sink. This includes the obvious things like treats, video games, clothing and other non-necessities. It can also include having a stricter budget, or dividing weekly money into separate envelopes so a person know exactly what is going where and how much will be spent. Patience and even relying on a buddy to help keep shopping itches under control can be a huge help.

Once a person starts setting up better spending and saving habits, they can dig themselves out of debt without worrying about falling right back into it again. This is one of the best things any debt sufferer can do to help themselves out in the long term.

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