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How can you pay off your mortgage early?

Washington, D.C. residents like you who have mortgages to pay are surely waiting for the day when you make that final payment and no longer have to budget around it. However, there may be ways that you can pay your mortgage off more quickly, thus shaving years off of your payment plan and allowing you to enjoy a mortgage-free life sooner.

Can you get a better mortgage rate without refinancing?

Residents of Washington D.C. like you may be looking into refinancing your mortgage in the hopes that you can cut down on some of your monthly costs. But are there better ways to land a new mortgage that doesn't involve having to jump through the hoops of refinancing?

What are signs you may be falling into debt?

Residents of Washington D.C. who are struggling financially have likely also asked themselves whether or not they should be filing for bankruptcy. At Ammerman & Goldberg, we work to show you the warning signs of debt by providing you with a debt test that can be used to determine just how dire your financial situation may be.

Pitfalls to avoid when repairing your credit score

Residents of Washington D.C. who are struggling with credit card debt are also likely looking into ways to manage, restructure, and combat their financial problems. Part of recovering from credit card debt is repairing one's credit score, which has likely been substantially damaged. However, people seeking to fix their credit score should keep their eyes out for potential pitfalls that can actually do more harm than good.

What are risk factors for being a scam target?

There are plenty of services in Washington D.C. that are aimed at you, a person who's struggling with personal financial debt and looking for relief. Credit repair scams and debt relief scams are unfortunately on the rise along with rising debts, so the best thing you can do for yourself is keep an eye out on signs of these potential scams.

You do not have to stand for illegal collection practices

It is normal and well within their legal rights for a debt collector, collections agency or other similar Washington D.C. organization to attempt to collect on owed balances. However, these efforts sometimes cross over from what is appropriate and expected to borderline harassing and illegal. If you are experiencing what you think are illegal collection practices, you do not have to deal with it alone. 

What should you avoid when relieving your debt?

Washington D.C. residents like you may have acquired debt from a number of sources. School loans, mortgages, credit card bills and medical expenses all stack up over time, potentially making you desperate for debt relief. However, we at Ammerman & Goldberg wish to help you avoid certain pitfalls that may look like salvation but could actually worsen your debt.

How can you break debt traps?

Residents of Washington D.C. like yourself may feel trapped in a cycle of financial instability and debt. It is possible that certain things may be contributing to this cycle and adding to your debt without you even knowing it. These are known as debt traps, and if you don't know how to avoid them, you could be in for a rough time.

Should you make more than the minimum payment?

Washingon D.C. residents like you may be tempted to make the minimum payment on your credit card bills. Not only do you avoid late fees, but you also avoid having to make large lump payments at once if your bill is particularly high. But should you be taking this option?

What are some good ways to consolidate debt?

As a resident of Washington D.C. who is looking into consolidating your debts, you likely have one major question: what is the best possible way to consolidate? There are many options out there and each have different strengths and weaknesses that could benefit your situation, but the following are a good place to start your considerations.

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