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Will you lose everything if you go bankrupt?

If you're struggling with the possibility of bankruptcy in Washington, D.C., you may be wondering exactly what you'll lose. There are plenty of bad rumors about bankruptcy that could turn anyone away from it, but we at Ammerman & Goldberg Bankruptcy Law Office are here to help you separate myth from reality.

Will you ever recover from bankruptcy?

Residents in Washington D.C. may be looking at bankruptcy as a potential option for financial relief. However, just as many may also take that option off of the table because its apparent permanence may seem too scary. After all, bankruptcy isn't something easy to recover from - or is it?

Will bankruptcy affect your ability to get a job?

As a resident of Washington D.C. who has recently filed for bankruptcy or is considering filing, you may have a number of questions regarding the long term effects of this financial move. For example, you may be wondering if having bankruptcy on your record will affect your ability to find employment in the future.

What is the Credit Repair Organization Act?

As a resident of Washington D.C. who is looking into the potential of credit repair, you have a lot of information to consider. What are the legitimate credit repair companies? What tactics will work best for your situation? Are there other options that might be better for you?

Are you still eligible for bankruptcy?

As a resident of WAshington D.C. currently debating whether or not you should file for bankruptcy, you may also be wondering what your eligibility is. We at Ammerman & Goldberg will highlight the major changes that bankruptcy law has undergone over the last decade and how that might impact your qualifications.

Protect yourself from consumer debt pitfalls

So you're a resident of Washington D.C. who has been in some financial trouble before, but you're trying to avoid slipping back into debt. We at Ammerman & Goldberg Bankruptcy Law Office wish to help give you tips to help you dodge those hurdles, especially in regard to consumer debt.

How can you avoid going back into debt?

You had credit card debt once, and you’ve worked hard to pay it off, or maybe you’re still in the process of doing that. But what about the future? It would be ideal to avoid falling into debt again, and that requires some careful planning and the formation of good financial habits.

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